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On February 2, 2021, the second day when the national defense forces took over power, the number of pedestrians and vehicles on the streets of Yangon was slightly less than usual, and some shops were closed down; many banks reopened after yesterday's closing, and there were long queues at the door; there were still more people in supermarkets purchasing necessities; there was still a lot of shouting in the food market; as communication in major cities across the country had basically returned to normal, the streets were closed down People can be seen everywhere on the Internet. So far, there have been no large-scale demonstrations and fierce conflicts. The above is also the current situation of most cities in Myanmar.

Most banks across the country are back in business

On February 2, most banks across the country began to resume business, including offline business and e-banking business.

Yesterday (February 1), the sudden closure of banks triggered panic among the people. Subsequently, the Myanmar Banking Association announced that the emergency meeting decided that all member banks of the association would be temporarily closed from 8 am on February 1 to deal with the problems of system unavailable and Internet connection. After the system is restored, banks across the country will restart banking business simultaneously.

Myanmar local bank

Since then, the national defense forces also announced that the bank is not closed, but because of network and mobile communication problems, resulting in business delay. After the network recovery, the banking business has returned to normal. According to the reporter's observation, as it happens at the beginning of the month, the flow of people going to the bank for business is still large. Some people have been waiting outside to open the door before they get to the bank's business hours, and queuing is also common.

However, at present, some foreign exchange offices and gold shops are still closed, and the specific opening time is unknown.

People rush to buy materials and prices rise

Since yesterday (February 1), most cities across the country have seen a rush to buy because of concerns about the shortage of living materials and rising prices. In particular, rice, edible oil and other necessities of life are purchased in the largest quantity, even queuing up to buy, which further leads to the rise of prices.

It is understood that in the Yangon market, the price of a packet of onion has increased by about 300 Kyats, the price of a kilogram of pork and chicken has increased by more than 1000 Kyats, and the price of rice, which used to be 400 million Kyats, has increased to more than 500 million Kyats.

It has been commented that for the families with relatively affluent economy, they can buy and hoard certain living materials, but for many families with daily wage workers, life will become more difficult. Combined with the impact of the epidemic, their already very difficult life has been made worse.

Like the market, there are also many people purchasing materials in supermarkets. In order to prevent a large number of people from gathering and ensure the continuous supply of goods, some supermarkets were temporarily closed yesterday (February 1) and reopened today. Meanwhile, the opening hours of supermarkets such as ocean Supercenter, city mart and junction shopping centre are adjusted from 9 am to 6 pm.

The main logistics roads are gradually restored to traffic

It is understood that from around 8 am today (February 2), all sections of Mandalay Muse Union Avenue have been unsealed one after another. Previously, vehicles blocked on the road were required to pass in turn in accordance with the order.

According to a netizen, the traffic on Xibu Lashio road section and the traffic at dengni hot water pond checkpoint were unsealed at more than 8 am this morning. In addition, some netizens responded that the traffic on the section from nauqiu to binwulun has been unsealed since 9 am this morning.

It is reported that since yesterday (February 1), many sections of Mandalay Muse highway have been closed to traffic by the army, allowing only upward traffic and no downward traffic. As of last night, a large number of trucks had been blocked at the entrance of the town. In order to avoid starvation of drivers, social welfare organizations and residents of the town went to donate meals.

According to the logistics company, the express delivery between China and Myanmar has been affected due to the temporary closure of muzie port.

According to the Myanmar Thailand border information, after the temporary closure of the trade ports of tachili and meiyang in Shan State and the Myanmar Thailand friendship bridge on February 1, more than 100 trucks preparing to enter Myanmar were blocked at the Thai border. This situation lasted only half a day. By noon of that day, the Myanmar Thailand border and trade ports had been unsealed, and the trade and goods flow had gradually resumed.

In addition, the Danlun River Bridge, an important transportation hub in the southern and eastern parts of Shan state, was closed for half a day on February 1 and then unsealed at 14:30 p.m. on the same day.

All international and domestic flights cancelled

Myanmar Civil Aviation Authority announced to airlines on February 1 local time that Yangon airport would be closed until the end of April, during which time all domestic and international flights would be cancelled.

Affected by the state of emergency announced by Myanmar's military, the international and domestic entrances and exits in Yangon were closed at 5:30 a.m. local time on February 1, and all flights were cancelled. Many passengers who have been tested for new coronavirus and are ready to take the plane are blocked.

Yangon International Airport

As for the issue of China Myanmar flights concerned by many readers, it is also understood that the flights of Air China, China Eastern and China Southern Airlines have been completed before the end of January, and there is no flight arrangement in February. At present, there are no reports of Chinese passengers stranded at Myanmar's Yangon International Airport.

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