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Myanmar Beston International Logistics Co., Ltd relying on branches and experienced working teams,bst is providing all means of logistics service,including to door services for our clients all over the world, in China& Myanmar. Our business philosophy is “Sincerity,Professional”and takes“Serving customers,Protecting customer’s interests first”as our service tenet. We do attentively, enthusiastically, responsibly in the process of cooperation.

  • 1500000 +

    In 10 years, the total number of global service cases exceeded 150,000
  • 10 +

    10+ branches support national on-site customs clearance
  • 580+

    Global 580+ senior consultant linkage services
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  • Branch office in Myanmar

    Rooted in Myanmar for many years, it has its own professional team locally, and cooperates with the domestic team to establish a complete supply system.

  • Sound overseas agency network

    Establish long-term friendly cooperative partnership with many overseas agents, covering all major seaports, airports, railway stations and land transportation stations all over the world.

  • Shipping logistics for 10 years

    The company has many years of experience in overseas freight forwarding and transportation, has served more than hundreds of companies, and has accumulated rich cases and practical experience in dozens of industries.

  • price advantage

    Established long-term cooperative relations with many shipping companies, and signed long-term cooperative agency agreements, which have absolute advantages in price.

  • Advanced logistics system

    The company has an advanced PO operating system, customers can participate in the whole process, providing one-stop, all-round online logistics services, saving customers a lot of time and energy.

  • Powerful

    The company has its own MIC, CMP, certificate of origin application and KG verification team, and is a member of the Customs Brokers Association, WIFFA, and CGLI.

  • Three major logistics experts

    The company has a professional operation team that can provide customers with multi-directional, multi-site land-sea, land-air, air-sea and other multimodal logistics solutions and services.

  • Warehousing Services

    There are stations in many provinces across the country, Ruili Jiejiao, mywaddy, etc., which can provide customers with land transport logistics services of different timeliness.

  • Legal advice on investment finance and taxation in Myanmar

    Provide customers with professional consulting services such as Myanmar's investment, fiscal and taxation laws and land plant recruitment.

  • Worry-free protection throughout

    The professional team seamlessly connects, strengthens risk control in all links, and eliminates customers' worries about risks.

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