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Serve customers, protect customer interests first

Myanmar Beston International Logistics Co., Ltd relying on branches and experienced working teams,bst is providing all means of logistics service,including to door services for our clients all over the world, in China& Myanmar. Our business philosophy is “Sincerity,Professional”and takes“Serving customers,Protecting customer’s interests first”as our service tenet. We do attentively, enthusiastically, responsibly in the process of cooperation.The company has a senior professional team, and has opened direct branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Yangon. Through advanced online systems, it provides customers with professional one-stop trailers, customs clearance, transportation and related consulting services.

Company culture


Business philosophy: integrity and professionalism

Service tenet: Serve customers, protect customer interests first

Service criterion: Careful, enthusiastic and responsible





Burmese Speaking


English,Chinese Speaking