Hand sanitizer export transportation plan



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Product: hand sanitizer
Place of shipment:-
Mode: Sea / land / air

Hand sanitizer outlet
At present, most hand sanitizers contain high concentration of alcohol (absolute alcohol). Those with more than 24% alcohol content belong to dangerous chemicals, so those with more than 24% alcohol content belong to class 3 dangerous goods.

[freight logistics export]
UN 1170 (United Nations dangerous goods transport number), the special name for transportation is "ethanol (ethanol) or ethanol solution (ethanol solution)". According to the flash point, the packaging categories are II and III.
When class II package is transported by cargo plane, the weight limit of single inner package is 10L metal bottle or 5L plastic bottle, and the weight limit of outer package is 60L with UN carton.
When class III package is transported by freighter, the weight limit of single inner package is 25L metal bottle or 10L plastic bottle, and the weight limit of outer package is 220l.
Whether dangerous goods can be LCL mainly depends on whether two terminals are allowed or not, and whether the shipping company agrees or not. According to the categories of LCL, some dangerous goods of category 2, category 3, category 4.1, category 6, category 8 and category 9 can be transported by sea. But it should be noted that acid and alkali can not be put together in one cabinet, and some goods need to be isolated.
Category 3: flammable liquid. The main item is to look at the flash point. The higher the flash point, the better. If it's too low, the booking shipping company may refuse. For example, in summer, some shipping companies refuse to accept the goods with too low flash point. Common are glue, paint, curing agent, diluent, un1263, un3269, un1133, etc.

[express export]
In terms of transportation requirements, hand sanitizer should be packed in strong cartons and filled with anti leakage and adsorption materials. If it is disinfectant, the packaging requirements are higher.
In the certification documents, hand sanitizers only need transport identification report, disinfectants also need dangerous goods declaration form, registered shipper and other statements.
Export declaration, hand sanitizer to commodity inspection, declaration in the name of the factory, disinfectant does not need commodity inspection, but to pay for the report.
DHL, UPS, FedEx and some international special lines are the express channels for hand sanitizer. The price of international special line is suitable, but the timeliness of international express is better.
For the formulation and implementation of hand sanitizer transportation plan, please call 13662896752 or 0769-22033350 for details. Baoshitong logistics customer service will serve you with a professional attitude.

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