What are the matters needing attention when exporting goods to Myanmar?



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With the acceleration of the process of world economic integration, the number of foreign trade enterprises importing from China to Myanmar is also increasing, and the demand for Myanmar's maritime transportation is also increasing. What are the matters needing attention when exporting goods to Myanmar?
1、 Certificate of origin
For the goods exported to Myanmar using China ASEAN certificate of origin form e:
1. For these goods that can use Fe, the insurance policy and Fe must be provided for customs clearance.
2. The declared value on the insurance policy must be consistent with the value displayed on Fe.
2、 Letter of credit
1. Since Myanmar was a US dollar sanctioned country, the letters of credit issued by Myanmar banks are all in Euro. But now the United States has relaxed its sanctions on Myanmar, so the Bank of Myanmar can also issue us dollar letters of credit.
2. If the L / C is opened from the Bank of Myanmar, there are two situations:
First, in many cases, there will be a lot of Myanmar enterprises hope you can do 100% LC. Such Burmese enterprises are honest business people. Because the amount of L / C is based on the actual amount, Myanmar enterprises can not secretly save part of the local tax.
Secondly, many people who have not established a cooperative relationship with Myanmar customers will find it difficult to accept 100% LC. Therefore, there is a compromise method, that is, 30% or 40% of TT, and the remaining part by L / C. If you insist on using 100% TT, it depends on the strength of Myanmar customers you negotiate with, especially when the total amount is relatively large.
The above is the content of matters needing attention when exporting goods to Myanmar. Welcome to consult professional customer service of beston logistics, we will serve you with professional attitude.

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