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It provides the most convenient and economical transportation to Myanmar, including land transportation, warehousing, express transportation and other services for customers. Assist customers in preparing various import and export documents, booking space, customs clearance, warehousing, transit, container assembly and unpacking, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, customs declaration and inspection, as well as relevant inland transportation services and transportation consulting business.
Land transportation to Myanmar, air transportation to Myanmar, special line logistics company to Myanmar
Special logistics line from China to Myanmar, sea, land and air transportation, whole container & bulk cargo LCL transportation, stable timeliness, excellent price and good service
Beston logistics always adheres to customer-centered, creates personalized high-quality services according to the different needs of different customers, one-to-one professional consultants, standardizes operation, and creates a door-to-door one-stop logistics service integrating air transportation, land transportation, warehousing and distribution.
Beston logistics focuses on import and export services - to solve the import and export problems of Myanmar for you!
Beston logistics is a first-hand villa with ten years of international logistics experience and focusing on the Myanmar special line. It is proficient in the business of whole container shipping, LCL shipping, land transportation, air transportation and so on. The tax package is cleared to the door. The whole process is controlled by the company, with fast timeliness and excellent service.
Beston logistics provides a one-stop international logistics service from China to Myanmar, including tax to door. Compared with traditional international logistics, Myanmar special line logistics is more worry-saving, time-saving and labor-saving.
We are highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality. We adhere to the business philosophy of "quality in place and service" with customers as the core to provide our customers with high-quality services.

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